Night Hike (Lamps trophy 2017)

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Night Hike (Lamps trophy 2017)

9 September 2018

Scouting Activity Blog by George A.

Night Hike (Lamps trophy 2017)

Have you ever wanted to do an exciting walk? Well I have, and I can tell you it was well worth while!

I competed against other scout groups all over Portsmouth to complete a night hike I will never forget.

I was in the B team for 5thPortsmouth Scout Group – there were four of us in my team and we had to complete a list of activities on a 8km hike. In order to win we had to be as quiet possible and the fastest to finish the activities and the route.

As Scouts we came prepared and brought plenty of water and energy boosters (sweets!) as well as warm clothing, survival bags, torches, maps, compasses and plenty of skills.

James was our leader, but we all had something to say. The activities were based on an old war film called ‘The Great Escape’ so we had to do things as if we were escaping from our enemy’s base such as crawling under a tarpaulin tunnel on a wheely tray.

The skills that we had to use included, map reading, bravery (especially the two graveyards), thinking on our feet, kindness (not arguing with team mates), team skills and staying positive.

There was a staggered start for each team and we started at 9.20pm and finished at 4.30am when we got back to the scout hut tired but ecstatic that we had finished.

I wasn’t sure whether to do this activity beforehand because I don’t like the dark and I’m not too keen on walking but if anyone asked me to go on another night hike I would 100% say yes as my confidence levels have risen.